Canary Medical Key attended the meeting as an MTA member and was invited to participate in the most prominent forums: the first Medical Tourism Facilitator Forum and the forum regarding the aforementioned new EU Directive concerning Cross-Border Healthcare

In the Medical Tourism Facilitator Forum, with participants from all over the world, facilitators recognised the importance of the need to ensure top quality options to our patients and it was decided to form an agreement of collaboration via which the best practices and standards could be shared for the Medical and Health Tourism Industry.  

In the second forum regarding the EU Cross-Border Directive, the significance of the entry into force of the new Directive was discussed and the peculiarities of the European medical and health tourism market.  It was agreed to form a European collaborative group, under the auspices of the MTA.

Finally, on 06/11, we took part in an accredited course run by the MTA which provided us with the qualification of Medical Tourism Specialist.