Advances in Medical Treatment – September 2015 (I)

Advances in Medical Treatment in the Canary Islands

Latest Medical News:  “Fracture prevention in osteoporosis

With life expectancy on the rise in Europe and the continuing ageing of the population, fractures due to osteoporosis will become one of the main health problems in our society. In view of this, the Rheumatology Department at the Doctor Negrin University Hospital (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) has opened a multidisciplinary Fracture Unit from where a follow-up of those patients who have already suffered a fragility fracture is carried out, as these patients are more likely to suffer further fractures. Patient education is extremely important in this unit and, consequently, advice and information on healthy lifestyle habits, the prescribed treatment and other methods of preventing possible fractures are offered to the patients.

Latest Medical News: “Early detection of deafness”

At the Materno-Insular University Hospital in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, its ENT Department has a special Hearing Impairment Unit which offers an early-detection of deafness programme. The programme, which involves Otoacoustic testing, will undoubtedly signify a positive advance in early detection, leading to a prompt response to hearing impairment in newborn babies. As specialists strongly emphasise, early detection of deafness is vital in order to act swiftly and efficiently to enable normal development of speech.

Latest Medical News: “Best cardiology exam marks in Spain”

Marival Groba, resident doctor in Cardiology at the University Hospital Doctor Negrin, obtained the highest marks in the exam organised by the European Society of Cardiology: the ESC General Cardiology Exam. At the next Cardiovascular Disease Congress, Ms. Groba and her tutors will all receive an acknowledgement.

Latest Medical News: “A virtual pathologist

A team of neurosurgeons from the University Hospital Dr. Negrin has used a virtual pathologist in one of its operating theatres i.e. a prototype camera system with hyperspectral imaging designed by engineers from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). The objective of this scientific study is that this pathologist (specialist in distinguishing between healthy and cancerous tissue) is able to detect cancerous cells in a patient’s brain in real time using hyperspectral images.

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