Advances in Medical Treatment – September 2015 (II)

Advances in Medical Treatment  in the Canary Islands

Latest Medical News: “Magnetic support bands for severe Scoliosis”

The Hospital Universitario de Canarias has started carrying out a new safe and effective surgical technique in certain cases of scoliosis (curvature of the spine) on children of under ten years old. This new technique involves the inserting of magnetic rods which can be subsequently lengthened by a magnetic device at the outpatient clinic and thus avoid multiple lengthening operations during the growth of the spine. The orthopaedic specialists point out that the procedure is much kinder for both the patient and the parents, reducing the risks associated with repeated operations.

Latest Medical News: “Leadless pacemaker”

The invention of the pacemaker marked a considerable advance in medicine for patients with cardiovascular problems.  Nowadays, however, we can even talk about leadless pacemakers which is the latest technique that the University Hospital Insular is carrying out. These pacemakers are inserted via the femoral vein through to the heart. This procedure reduces some of the problems experienced with traditional pacemakers as it avoids lead fractures and displacements.

Latest Medical News: “Corneal endothelial transplant ”

This month, the Hospital Universitario de Canarias carried out its first corneal endotelial transplant. With this new technique, it is now possible to replace only the inner layer of the cornea which allows vision to be restored much faster than after traditional cornea transplants due to the fact that the surgical wound is very small.  This also reduces possibilities of rejection and complications during the operation.

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