Debemos cuidar de nuestra piel
You are probably not aware of just how hard our skin works to keep us healthy and looking good. The skin acts as a barrier to protect our body from the environment. It also regulates temperature and detects and fights off infections. So, it is important to remember that, if you […]

The importance of our skin

It is important to remember that bowel cancer screening can save lives. The objective is to detect bowel cancer at an early stage, when treatment has the best chance of working. The test can also find polyps (non-cancerous growths) which might develop into cancer; these polyps can be easily removed, […]

Bowel Cancer Screening

Medical Check-ups that everyone should have carried out
Medical check-ups are very important as they help to detect conditions that have yet to produce symptoms and, in some cases, can even prevent the onset of an illness. There are different types of medical check-ups. How often they should be carried out and the specific tests necessary depend on […]

Three medical check-ups that everyone should have carried out

Health can be considered as a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being. (World Health Organization) Health is a resource for daily life that allows people to live a socially and financially productive life. There are several factors that have an influence on our health. According to the study by […]

Our Health is our most precious asset

Healthy food for healthy eyes
For some time now, scientists have been investigating the role played by vitamins and minerals in the prevention of eye diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. It has long been known, for example, that the eye condition xerophthalmia, a common cause of blindness in developing countries, is […]

Healthy food for healthy eyesight

Health check-ups in adults - Canary Islands
There are several health problems which prompt a health check-up in adults. Let’s take a look at some of them: Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Three quarters of the adult population over 60 years old are overweight or obese. The obesity is related to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, bowel cancer, […]

The main problems that prompt health check-ups in adults

Chequeos médicos y revisiones en Las Palmas
The ageing population –  which is a consequence of increased life expectancy – has brought about a rise in chronic diseases and other medical conditions. We know that a great number of illnesses can be prevented, the onset delayed or the prognosis improved, simply by patients following a healthy lifestyle […]

The demand for check-ups and medical examinations is on the ...

Computer Vision Syndrome
Despite the fact that the recommended period for spending in front of a screen of any type of device is a mere two hours, a considerable amount of people spend up to ten hours a day in front of a computer screen and up to four on their mobiles (especially […]

Computer Vision Syndrome: Tips for alleviating its symptoms

Tratamientos de fertilidad en España
The fact that current Spanish Law guarantees anonymity to all gamete donors gives Spain a significant advantage over most other European countries when it comes to fertility treatment. Although gamete donors are paid in Spain, a gamete donation is considered to be an altruistic gesture towards those having problems to […]

Fertility Treatment in Spain – an excellent option

Turismo Dental en Canarias
For quite a few years now, there has been a tendency to have dental treatment carried out during trips abroad, this being known as Dental Tourism. Spain is one of the countries that specialises in Dental Tourism, offering excellent treatment to those who choose Spain as their dental destination. There […]

6 Reasons to have your Dental Treatment carried out in ...