Canary Medical Key

Interview on Health Tourism in the Canary Islands
We are now going to welcome Mª Paz Llorente Sanchez. Good morning! So, can you tell us a little bit about just what Canary Medical Key is? It’s a company that offers intermediary and other services for Medical Tourism. We are endeavouring to attract tourists to the Canary Islands to recuperate or improve […]

Interview on Health Tourism at Redepyme Event

Medical Tourism Facilitator in Spain
Medical Tourism Facilitators, or MTFs, are a key element in the promotion and growth of Medical Tourism and, for many patients, their first contact within the sector. They are sometimes referred to as Medical Tourism Agents, Facilitators or Mediators in the world of Medical Travel and, as these names suggest, they act as facilitators or […]

Do you know exactly what an MTF is?

Health Tourism Gran Canaria
Canary Medical Key’s first Medical Tourism Conference took place last Thursday 19th June at the Chamber of Commerce of Gran Canaria.  The objective of this event was to highlight the opportunities that this growing market has to offer. The opening ceremony was chaired by Santiago de Armas, Vice-President of the […]

Medical Tourism: An opportunity for Gran Canaria

Medical Tourism Conference on Gran Canaria
Canary Medical Key will be holding its 2014 Medical Tourism Conference at Las Palmas Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, 19th June at 4.30 p.m. The objective of this conference is to bring together the medical and tourism sectors to highlight the opportunities that Medical Tourism offer the Canary Islands, bearing […]

Medical Tourism: Opportunities and Challenges

Turismo de Salud Fitur 2013
Canary Medical Key had the opportunity to attend and participate in Spain’s International Tourism Fair (FITUR)  this year which was held 22nd-26th January at the Ifema exhibition centre in Madrid. During this 34th year of the fair, we saw how interest in health tourism in Spain is booming. Our attendance at the event […]

Canary Medical Key at FITUR 2014 – Health Tourism

World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress
This year, the 6th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress took place from 3rd to 6th November in Las Vegas. It was, undoubtedly, the most important congress of the year for those companies involved in the World of Health Tourism and Global Healthcare, 2500 attendees were present at the […]

6th World Medical and Health Tourism Congress

Medical Tourism and Treatment Abroad
From 24th to 26th October 2012, the 5th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress —organised by the Medical Tourism Association— took place in Fort Lauderdale (Miami, Florida). As we are members of the Association, we chose Fort Lauderdale to commence with our venture and present our project internationally. The World Medical Tourism […]

CMK at World Medical Tourism Congress – Fort Lauderdale

Turismo de Salud Fitur 2013
In January 2013 we took part in FITUR (International Tourism Trade Fair, in English), the most important tourism trade fair in Spain. FITUR is one of the most important tourism trade fairs in the world. It is held between January and February every year at IFEMA, the Spanish Trade Fair Institution in Madrid. […]

Canary Medical Key – FITUR 2013