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Health in Spain is extremely good
The World Health Organization (WHO) ranked health in Spain as “extremely good” in a European Health Report, involving 53 member states in the WHO European region, which was presented in London. Life expectancy – Health in Spain The report highlighted that life expectancy in Spain was 79.5 for men and […]

Health in Spain considered to be “extremely good”

Medical Treatment in the Canary Islands
Advances in Medical Treatment  in the Canary Islands Latest Medical News: “Magnetic support bands for severe Scoliosis” The Hospital Universitario de Canarias has started carrying out a new safe and effective surgical technique in certain cases of scoliosis (curvature of the spine) on children of under ten years old. This […]

Advances in Medical Treatment – September 2015 (II)

Advances in Medical Treatment in the Canary Islands
Advances in Medical Treatment in the Canary Islands Latest Medical News:  “Fracture prevention in osteoporosis” With life expectancy on the rise in Europe and the continuing ageing of the population, fractures due to osteoporosis will become one of the main health problems in our society. In view of this, the […]

Advances in Medical Treatment – September 2015 (I)

One of the most important advances in Dentistry has unquestionably been the use of zirconium in the field of implantology. A frequent cosmetic difficulty with implants has been when they form part of a person’s smile line and are, therefore, visible to all; more often than not, a black line eventually […]

Zirconia Implants – the latest in Dental Tourism

Health Tourism and Spa Treatments Spain
The Spanish publication “Diario Médico” recently published an article that questioned the link between Health Tourism and Spa Treatments. On the one hand, it points out that Spanish health spas want their treatments to be included as one of the therapies routinely offered by the Spanish national health system. However, it appears that this aspiration […]

Health Tourism and Spa Treatments

Cardiovascular Problems - Medical Services in Spain
A research team at the Spanish National Cardiovascular Research Centre (CNIC) has demonstrated that after a heart attack, the heart reacts in a different manner to what was previously thought. With advanced image technology, it has been observed that the heart suffers two very different oedematous reactions which are also […]

After a heart attack, what exactly happens?

Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery Spain
Experts in obesity treatment have been observing over a period of several years now that, surprisingly, the levels of blood sugar become normalised in some obese patients after having gone through a bariatric surgery procedure. In a recent study on patients with type-2 diabetes, remissions of up to 15 years after surgery were observed in […]

Could Bariatric Surgery be a cure for Diabetes?

Medical Tourism Destination Spain
Apart from the obvious consideration of the expertise of the medical staff who would be treating you, along with the standard of the hospital or clinic, there are quite a few other things to consider when choosing your medical tourism destination, such as:- How safe a destination is. Level of nosocomial infections in the hospitals of your chosen destination (hospitals […]

Choosing a medical tourism destination

World Cancer Day
World Cancer Day takes place on 4th February every year; this year the theme is “Debunk the Myths”. It’s important to remember that Cancer figures among the leading causes of death worldwide: 8.2 million people worldwide died from cancer in 2012. 60% of the world’s total new annual cases occur in Africa, […]

World Cancer Day 2014