Stress and healthier lifestyle
  Caught up in the hectic lifestyle that we lead, most of us don’t realise the stress that we are under. Stress related to work comes in as the second most frequent health problem in Europe and one which the European Regional office of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is […]

Keep stress at bay with a healthier lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle accelerates health problems
Many of us are just sitting more and more often and for lengthier periods of time. We sit in the car or on the train or bus on our way to work. We then sit in front of our computer screens or during meetings at work. Then, we go home […]

Sedentary Lifestyle even worse than Obesity

Dental hygiene and oral health in Spain
Oral hygiene is very important for our health in general, as poor oral hygiene can result in dental and medical problems such as halitosis, gingivitis, tooth loss and diabetes. Furthermore, it is now known that there are other not so well-known consequences of prolonged poor dental hygiene that can lead […]

Serious Health problems related to poor dental hygiene

Bariatric Surgery in Spain
Without doubt, the questions regarding who should be considered for weight-loss surgery and at what point have long been major debates in the world of bariatric surgery. Obesity is now considered a global epidemic by the World Health Organization. It is a condition that causes several serious health problems and is […]

Weight Loss Surgery: Who and When?

Ejercicio físico, bienestar y salud en Canarias
How important is exercise once we are over fifty? The answer is extremely important! It is so easy for people of any age to fall into a sedentary lifestyle but the wealth of benefits that physical activity offers ― for both mind and body ― should be seriously taken into […]

Exercise for the Over 50s … and Under

Dental and Medical Services in Spain
Are you among those many people who choose the Canary Islands as your holiday destination again and again? It is a wonderful place to relax and unwind and, furthermore, an excellent place for improving one’s health. In fact, people have been coming to the islands since the 17th century for […]

Use your holiday to get your health back on track

Dental Check-ups in the Canary Islands (Spain)
Never have time for that dental check-up? Does the thought of a visit to the dentist fill you with panic? Your mouth is the window of your general state of health. Certain medical conditions can be detected by a Complete Check-up of your Oral Health, even before symptoms appear in other parts of […]

7 Main reasons why a Dental Check-up is so important

Tratamientos dentales en Canarias (España)
Apparently one in four of us just dreads a visit to the dentist, however, there are ways to overcome that fear. The causes of fear can be different, depending on the person. Some people are scared simply because they think that the dental treatment will hurt but many people associate […]

Getting over fear of the dentist

There are ways of maximising your chances of getting pregnant, i.e. eating a healthy diet, cutting down on alcohol, being careful to keep to a healthy weight and getting exercise.  However, if you are under 35 and have been trying to get pregnant for twelve months without success, it is […]

When to start seeking advice on fertility treatment?

Dental Services in the Canary Islands
The link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular conditions has been much researched over the years in an attempt to finally confirm whether poor oral health effectively causes heart disease.   A clinical trial called STABILITY was recently carried out on 15,828 participants from 9 different countries, all with chronic coronary heart disease and, at least, […]

Look after your teeth … and protect your heart