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experiencia de turismo dental en Canarias
Get to know Dental Tourism in the Canary Islands works thanks to this French patient’s experience. Travelling abroad for dental treatment I first started thinking about Dental Tourism because my partner had been to the Canary Islands twice for treatment and returned to France very satisfied with the results both […]

Dental Tourism in the Canary Islands – French patient’s experience

Do you think you might need dental implants? Are you looking for the best option for dental implants on Gran Canaria? Have you heard about dentistry in Spain, that the dentists are excellent and that dental implants are less expensive than in your country? Have you been thinking about dental […]

Dental Implants on Gran Canaria

Scientific evidence increasingly confirms the importance of dentists in the detection of heart disease risk, various studies having been carried out over the years that show the relationship between periodontitis and cardiovascular conditions. According to the president of SEPA (Spanish Society of Periodontology), between 25 and 40 per cent of […]

The importance of dentists for your heart

Dental hygiene and oral health in Spain
Oral hygiene is very important for our health in general, as poor oral hygiene can result in dental and medical problems such as halitosis, gingivitis, tooth loss and diabetes. Furthermore, it is now known that there are other not so well-known consequences of prolonged poor dental hygiene that can lead […]

Serious Health problems related to poor dental hygiene

Vacaciones dentales en Canarias
Have you been meaning to go to the dentist for ages and don’t even seem to have the time to make the appointment? Are you thinking of getting dental treatment carried out but not sure where to go nor how nor when? Do you want that dental check-up done but […]

Dental Vacation in The Canary Islands

Mini-implantes y tratamientos dentales en Canarias
Over the years, missing teeth have generally been replaced by removable dentures. Although dentures are undoubtedly a solution, they are not ideal as they limit the type of food you can eat and, with age, the shape of your bite or jaw changes and they eventually, therefore, fit less well. […]

Exactly What Are Mini-Implants ?

Dental Check-ups in the Canary Islands (Spain)
Never have time for that dental check-up? Does the thought of a visit to the dentist fill you with panic? Your mouth is the window of your general state of health. Certain medical conditions can be detected by a Complete Check-up of your Oral Health, even before symptoms appear in other parts of […]

7 Main reasons why a Dental Check-up is so important

Tratamientos dentales en Canarias (España)
Apparently one in four of us just dreads a visit to the dentist, however, there are ways to overcome that fear. The causes of fear can be different, depending on the person. Some people are scared simply because they think that the dental treatment will hurt but many people associate […]

Getting over fear of the dentist

One of the most important advances in Dentistry has unquestionably been the use of zirconium in the field of implantology. A frequent cosmetic difficulty with implants has been when they form part of a person’s smile line and are, therefore, visible to all; more often than not, a black line eventually […]

Zirconia Implants – the latest in Dental Tourism

Have you ever thought of planning a dental tourism trip? Yes “dental tourism” when you combine a holiday with a trip to the dentist.  A clear example of an industry that is in constant growth: Medical and Health Tourism. The training and experience of Spanish dentists, together with state-of-the-art technology […]

The Canary Islands go for Dental Tourism