Bariatric surgery in the Canary Islands
The Canary Islands was one of the first regions in Spain to use laparoscopic techniques in weight-loss or bariatric surgery. Due to this fact, the Canary Islands currently has several excellent medical teams with extensive experience in these techniques for bariatric surgery. For decades, surgeons have researched incessantly to find […]

Weight Loss Surgery in the Canary Islands

Without doubt, the questions regarding who should be considered for weight-loss surgery and at what point have long been major debates in the world of bariatric surgery. Obesity is now considered a global epidemic by the World Health Organization. It is a condition that causes several serious health problems and is […]

Weight Loss Surgery: Who and When?

Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery Spain
Experts in obesity treatment have been observing over a period of several years now that, surprisingly, the levels of blood sugar become normalised in some obese patients after having gone through a bariatric surgery procedure. In a recent study on patients with type-2 diabetes, remissions of up to 15 years after surgery were observed in […]

Could Bariatric Surgery be a cure for Diabetes?