Hospitales San Roque Maspalomas


San Roque Maspalomas Hospital is the newest hospital in the San Roque Group. It is located in Maspalomas-Meloneras, which is the main tourist area in Gran Canaria. It was successfully founded in 2006, thanks to the experience and expertise of the prestigious Hospitales San Roque in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It has become a reference health centre for both local and international patients who live in the south of Gran Canaria, along with those who are on vacation. 

Location: Maspalomas-Meloneras, Gran Canaria


Fundation date: 2006


Specialities: Any medical or surgical specialty



San Roque Maspalomas Hospital plays an important role in Canarian welfare, being a reference hospital in the south of Gran Canaria. It is on a level with other reputable, specialised European hospitals and is equipped with the best technology.  

Its services are carried out by highly qualified doctors, therefore, San Roque Maspalomas Hospital offers excellent treatments in all departments. Both hospitals, San Roque Maspalomas and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, are at the forefront in Diagnostic Imaging (MRI scans, CT scans, etc.)

Main services:

  • Any Medical or Surgical specialty

  • 24 hour Emergency Services 

  • 24 hour Healthcare in Hotels

  • Translation Services 

  • Insurance from main international and Spanish Insurance Companies accepted

It is important to mention the Haemodialysis Unit, which is of great importance to dialysis patients living in the south of Gran Canaria or those on vacation. This Unit follows strict guidelines established by the Spanish Society of Nephrology and has twelve spaciously located haemodialysis machines in a specially designated area.

Hospital San Roque Maspalomas, so as to satisfy its all of its clients, including Medical Tourism patients, has a new floor for hospitalised patients that consists of 13 Standard Superior Rooms, 2 Junior Suites, and 1 Royal Suite as well as a VIP waiting room, Internet connection and Wi-Fi zone.  

The San Roque Hospital Group places great importance on the human aspect of patient care and take part in health improvement of local and international clients directly. As private centres, they are among the most reputable in Europe and offer some of the best medical services. They also have a joint agreement with the Canarian Healthcare System, which allows them to work within the public health service. Their success results from their excellence and constant commitment to improve in all fields. This is how they have obtained the maximum satisfaction and wellbeing of those who trust the San Roque Group.