Dental Tourism in the Canary Islands – French patient’s experience

Get to know Dental Tourism in the Canary Islands works thanks to this French patient’s experience.

Travelling abroad for dental treatment

I first started thinking about Dental Tourism because my partner had been to the Canary Islands twice for treatment and returned to France very satisfied with the results both times. I decided to arrange my dental treatment on Gran Canaria through the same Health Tourism Facilitator that my partner had used, as it was clear that the experience would prove positive. My treatment – which could be termed as full mouth rehabilitation – involved, amongst other procedures, the replacing of teeth in both my upper and lower jaws with dental crowns.

Advantages of coming to the Canary Islands for dental treatment

Apart from feeling confident because of knowing about the positive dental tourism experience of another person, one of the fundamental advantages was the price. The prices of treatment are much less expensive than in Paris (2.5 times cheaper).

Advantages of arranging treatment through a Health Tourism Facilitator

Canary Medical Key were always there for me: they met me at the dental clinic the first day, they were at hand during the whole process and came to see me on the last day to ensure that everything was in order.

Translation service

As health tourism facilitators, they offered a translation service to help with the reimbursement procedure in France. It was very reassuring having the necessary documents translated into French with the stipulated codes required by the French Social Security System or private health insurance companies for reimbursement.

Clinic-Patient link

Canary Medical Key is the ideal link between the clinic and patient, as there is a constant check that everything is going according to plan.

Not feeling alone during your stay

Another very important point to consider is the friendly attitude and sense of empathy transmitted by CMK’s team which makes you feel as though you are not alone during your stay on Gran Canaria (perhaps vital for many people who are considering a Dental Tourism trip to the Canary Islands).

No language barrier

Language is no problem, as Canary Medical Key has an excellent French speaker on its team, which is yet another point in favour of a patient’s peace of mind.

Would you recommend your experience? Would you reccommend Dental Tourism in the Canary Islands?

Of course! With all these advantages, any type of doubts or fears that one could have simply disappear, and I felt entirely at ease during my dental treatment procedure.

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