The Canary Islands form one of Europe’s Outermost Regions, they are located in the Atlantic Ocean and are one of the 17 Spanish Regions. It is the eighth most populated region.

The Canarian economy and society are open to the whole world as the Canaries are strategically placed (they are in the south of the EU and are a bridge between three continents: America, Africa and Europe) and have very important ports.

They form a volcanic archipelago that belongs to the natural region of Macaronesia. The climate is subtropical and the weather is mild thanks to the sea breeze and trade winds called Alisios. These pleasant characteristics which the islands enjoy, together with its biological diversity, geological richness and wonderful landscapes have made it possible to create four National Parks, some islands recognised as Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO and some areas declared World Heritage Sites. Adding their marvellous beaches, the Canaries become “Europe’s most attractive destination”; consequently, more than 12 million tourists come here every year.

Historically, the Canary Islands was a place where people from all over Europe came to —mostly related to business and trade. Also, a lot of people started coming to the Canaries because of the well-known therapeutic effects. In particular, people from cold northern European countries were the ones who came to visit in order to relieve the pain caused by arthritis or multiple sclerosis, for example. It could well be the place to find the treatment you need.

The bond between the Canary Islands and America has always been strong, thanks to human migration to and from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Nowadays, the Canary Islands are also a destination for retired people from Northern Europe —who stay throughout the year or just for winter—, and people from Latin America, Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa. It is the favourite place for many Europeans, especially those from Great Britain, Northern Europe and Germany. All of that has propelled the Canaries towards the forefront in biomedical research and development and tourism.

The Canarian Health Service is one of the best services in the EU, as it has modern facilitiesexcellent private and public hospitals, medical research centres, health centres for Primary Health Care, and care homes for the elderly. Due to the said characteristics, Health Tourism —already working in the Canaries since last century— is expanding.

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