Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Tourism

What is Medical Tourism all about?

Medical/Health Tourism involves travelling to another country, or to another region in your own country, in order to find treatment (e.g. medical, dental, cosmetic, aesthetic, wellness treatments) with a similar or better standard than your local services. The reasons for making the decision to take this kind of trip include the following: cost of treatment, quicker access to treatment or simply better quality services.

The increase in Medical/Health Tourism is due to several reasons: expensive healthcare costs in industrialised countries, technological progress, improvements in healthcare standards, plus the fact that it is much easier to travel to anywhere in the world nowadays.

Is Medical/Health Tourism safe?

Medical/Health Tourism safety is linked to the following: your chosen destination, its healthcare system, the professionals who will be treating you and your insurance policies.

Obviously, a destination with social conflicts or troubles would not be an ideal destination for safety. It is always advisable to find out about a country’s current situation before considering it as your chosen destination. Hygienic and sanitary aspects should also be taken into account. Hospitals may be modern and their medical staff well qualified, however, there are certain places in the world that have high endemic disease rates. Therefore, you should always be aware of exactly where you are travelling to. Moreover, you should always consult your doctor before going abroad, especially when you are travelling to another continent, in case you need to take any preventative measures.

Check the credentials and experience of both the hospital/clinic and specialist. If you are going to have an operation, keep in mind that there may be complications. It is not only the doctor that counts but also the people who work around the doctor (anaesthesia team, ICU, etc.), plus, the importance of teamwork amongst the different units within the hospital is fundamental.

Do remember the importance of obtaining an insurance policy that includes any unlikely medical complications too.

What does “Hospital Accreditation” mean? What are its benefits?

“Hospital accreditation” is the process through which an entity — totally separate from the medical provider or organisation and usually non-governmental— checks that the organisation or provider reaches a series of standards. Generally, this accreditation is voluntarily and shows that the organisation is committed to constant improvement, to offer a safe environment and to reduce risks both for patients and workers.

Accreditation has become very important worldwide as a tool of quality control. The most well-known accreditation systems are JCI, Trent, ISO, DNV, although there are others. ISO is the most popular in Spain and Europe.

I have decided to go abroad for a treatment. Should I tell my doctor about it? 

We encourage our patients to talk with their doctor. Many doctors already know about Medical Tourism, some have not and then there are others who do not trust it. Therefore, it is necessary to inform them about our proposal (if you do not have enough information, we are here to help you).

Why are some treatments cheaper in some countries?

Because the economic status in that country is also lower.

Why is it positive to use the services of a Medical Tourism Facilitator?

A Medical Tourism Facilitator (MTF) provides you with the necessary information you need to make the best decision when choosing where to find your treatment. Moreover, an MTF books your consultation, helps you find accommodation depending on your needs, informs you about how everything works and helps you with the procedure.

How do I know my personal details are confidential and safe when I introduce them onto the Canary Medical Key website?

See “Privacy Policy” at the bottom of the page.

How can I find out about Canary Medical Key’s “Privacy Policy”?

See “Privacy Policy” at the bottom of the page.

Can Canary Medical Key provide me with medical advice or opinion? 

No, Canary Medical Key is not a medical provider. Therefore, we cannot provide you with medical advice.

As a patient, can I decide where and when to have my treatment

Of course, it is completely up to you. Canary Medical Key just informs you about the available services, treatments, procedures, check-ups, etc., enabling you to make the best decision.

Where are Canary Medical Key services available?

Canary Medical Key is a company specialised in the Canary Islands as a medical destination. While our services are currently available just in the Canary Islands, our network includes other international MTFs, just in case you would like a specific destination other than the Canary Islands.

Will the language be a problem?

Canary Medical Key will appoint a professional who speaks your language to work as an interpreter during the consultations – if necessary –  and, when needed, to help you during your stay.

What services are included in my estimate? 

Canary Medical Key offers different packages, so you can choose the one that suits your needs better. Ask us for more details.

When and how do we pay?

See “Terms and Conditions.”