A huge open-air natural spa

Basically, this is what Gran Canaria is. With 60 kilometres of coastline, splendid beaches open to an ocean of clean, mineral-rich sea, it is impossible for a person not to feel renewed after a bathe in this natural spa whilst drying off in the sand under the pleasant rays of the sun.

The sea which is charged with iodine, sodium and other elements that are beneficial for the body, the warmth of the fine sands and the vitamin D from the sun all contribute towards a feeling of well-being. Most Europeans have low levels of vitamin D in their bodies and this vitamin is necessary for the absorption of calcium and important in the prevention of osteoporosis. A therapeutic walk on our golden sands will do you the world of good.

Spa and Wellness Centres

Furthermore, there are a number of select Spa and Wellness centres on the island that offer an excellent range of techniques and services ranging from different types of massages and hydrotherapy,  thermotherapy, reflexotherapy, aromatherapy, mud baths, salt baths, Turkish baths, algae wraps, amongst others. These therapies being ideal for those suffering from fatigue and stress, the range and quality of the services are second to none. They are recommended for rehabilitation treatments, rheumatism, skin and bone disorders and, without doubt, perfect for those suffering from fatigue and stress.

Up in the mountains

Apart from the relaxing beaches and select spa and wellness centres, Gran Canaria boasts spectacular mountain scenery and the best way to see it is on foot.  Fresh air, good exercise and wonderful scenery can be enjoyed via organised mountain walks. Tourists are always amazed at just how much Gran Canaria –the “miniature continent” as it is known– has to offer.

Medical Treatment

In addition, on Gran Canaria we have excellent hospitals/clinics and most reputable medical specialists.  Contact CANARY MEDICAL KEY for more information on the medical and wellness treatments available.

Come to Gran Canaria, your First Choice for wellbeing, this incomparable destination is the ideal place to renew your mind, body and soul.

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