Health Tourism in Spain – The Canary Islands: 2nd Health Destination

The Canary Islands, chosen as a health destination by many tourists

SpainCares recently carried out an analysis of Health Tourism in Spain, in which the Canary Islands was shown to hold second place – just below Catalonia –  regarding the number of health tourists they welcome every year. Let us see the reasons why the tourists choose this destination [see inphograph]:

Health Tourism in Spain analysis

Health Tourism has registered an average annual growth of 20% globally, both in the number of patients involvedReasons to choose the Canary Islands to improve your health and the resulting revenue generated. According to the tourism and health cluster in Spain, more than 80% of health tourism business is generated within the more immediate environment, not exceeding a 3-6 hour flight from the country of origin.

Spain currently holds seventh place among the health tourism destinations in Europe and twelfth globally, which represents an average growth of 6.2%.

Profile of the Health Tourist who chooses Spain as their wellness destination

The health tourists who come to Spain are mainly from European countries:  Germany (63%), France (19%), United Kingdom (5%), Italy (5%), Austria (4%), Sweden (3%) and others (1%).

However, the tourists who spend most money on Spa trips to Spain are from South America and Nordic countries, who spend an average total of 2,281 euros and 1,367 euros, with an average stay of 11 and 12 days respectively.

Wellness Tourism

In 2012 the gross revenue from wellness tourism reached 413,400 million euros. Europe took 25% of the share and main recipient countries for this type of tourism were Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The profit generated by foreign tourists who visited spas and thalassotherapy centres in Spain amounted to more than 15,000 million euros between 2010 y 2015. During this period, there were around 150 million overnight stays by foreign visitors, with an average spend of 1,155 euros per person and an average stay of 11.6 days.

And from now on, how will Health Tourism continue to advance in Spain?

Health Tourism is continuing to grow. In the latest analysis SpainCares has focussed on Wellness Tourism, which is a fundamental part of the Health Tourism sector in Spain, but certainly not the only one. We must continue to promote Spain as both a Health Tourism and Medical Tourism destination.


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