Tratamientos de fertilidad en España

Fertility Treatment in Spain – an excellent option

The fact that current Spanish Law guarantees anonymity to all gamete donors gives Spain a significant advantage over most other European countries when it comes to fertility treatment.

Although gamete donors are paid in Spain, a gamete donation is considered to be an altruistic gesture towards those having problems to conceive. As a result of this legislation, there are far more gamete (sperm, egg and embryo) donors in the country. In fact, almost half of all IVF treatments with donor eggs in Europe are performed in Spain. This information is obviously more than noteworthy for people seeking IVF treatment abroad.

As regards other matters related to IVF, you will see from the table below that some European countries have surprisingly restrictive policies concerning fertility treatment compared to Spain.


Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis Gender selection Semen Donation  Embryo Donation  Egg Donation  Treatment Single Women


No No No No



Yes Yes* Yes Yes Yes



Yes No Yes Yes Yes



No No Yes No No



Yes No No No


Spain Yes Yes* Yes Yes Yes


*Only in cases of possible sex-linked genetic disorders

Spain has long been considered a leader in the highly specialised medical area of IVF and this fact, along with the donor anonymity legislation and subsequent steady flow of donors, makes Spain an excellent option for fertility treatment.

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