Nuestro valor más preciado es la salud

Our Health is our most precious asset

Health can be considered as a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being. (World Health Organization)

Our health is a resource for daily life that allows us to live a socially and financially productive life.

There are several factors that have an influence on our health; according to the study by Lalonde (Canada, 1974), there are 4 mainsprings:-Our health is our most precious asset

  • Human biology – each individual has their own and can be predisposed or protected with regard to different illnesses.

  • Environment – A number of external factors over which the individual has no control.

  • Habits and lifestyle – A series of different types of behaviour or attitudes that people develop over a lifetime that can be positive or detrimental, many of the negative ones causing illnesses. Changes in habits and lifestyle can be vital in preventing and combatting illnesses.

  • Organising best health plan – Ensuring consistency, reliability and availability of treatments.

Health is maintained through science and the practice of medicine but also through one’s own efforts.