María Lorente Arencibia

Digestive System Specialist

Expertise: Upper and lower endoscopies for diagnostic, therapeutic and screening purposes. Cross-referral responses.

Languages: Spanish-English

Treatments: Executive or Sports Health Check


Dr. Lorente is a Digestive System specialist who is currently carrying out upper and lower gastronintestinal endoscopies at Hospital Universitario Insular de Gran Canaria for diagnostic, therapeutic and screening purposes. In addition, she also works at the Clínica Santa Catalina in the same capacity. She has participated in various medical congresses in this field, including conferences organised by the Canarian Society of Gastrointestinal Pathology during which she presented “Portal Vein Thrombosis, a retrospective study (2009), “Partial obstruction of the intestine secondary to ileal carcinoid tumour” (2009) and “Results of mass screening for colorectal cancer in the southern area of Gran Canaria” (2011).