Thanks to medical check-ups, many health problems can be detected and others prevented. Indeed, a health tourist has the possibility to choose a complete personalised check-up package during which all their health concerns can be addressed.


Aesthetic and cosmetic treatments are preventative techniques that help towards a person’s appearance and well-being. There are, in fact, many people who take advantage of their holiday abroad to undergo this type of treatment, seeking beauty and health. Amongst these types of treatment, dentistry has a firm position and dental implantology is one of the main treatments.


This year, the importance of Medical Tourism Facilitators is definitely on the up, these facilitators being intermediary agents who assist in organising health trips. People seeking treatment abroad often contact MTFs to request a diverse range of information for their trips but mainly regarding the healthcare providers and the necessary steps to be taken for a successful health trip abroad.

Fertility treatment, physiotherapy and eye surgery are what most interest this type of tourist.


Wellness programmes attract people from and to all over the world. These programmes are designed to cover all the specific health and well-being needs for each and every health tourist, including body treatments, spa, massages or coaching sessions. Interest in these types of services have been motivated by the growing promotion of good health and lifestyle improvement.


Sun and beach holidays can become monotonous. Many tourists are now looking for something more and try and incorporate adventure activities into their holiday. There are, in fact, an increasing number of tourists who travel abroad to take part in walking, kayaking or cycling routes which make people feel better about themselves and their holidays.

All the aforementioned motives result in a positive influence on the well-being of the health tourist. It is obvious that Health Tourism is an answer to the growing interest in adopting a healthier, happier lifestyle and the Canary Islands are one of the best options for achieving this. Don’t put it off any longer, whatever you have in mind to improve your life, let us know.

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