Why use Canary Medical Key?

Why use Canary Medical Key?

Health Tourism is growing rapidly all over the world and, consequently, there is an increasing number of facilitators and agencies dedicated to finding solutions for people thinking of travelling abroad for health matters. So, why choose Canary Medical Key?



ExperienceM. Paz Llorente, Medical Tourism Facilitator in the Canary Islands

“As a pharmacist, I worked as a pharmaceutical representative for several multinational pharmaceutical companies for a period of over 20 years – both in primary and specialised health care – and mainly at the hospitals in the Canary Islands, working closely day to day with the medical staff.  This has provided Canary Medical Key sound knowledge of all the medical centres, services, specialists, technology and procedures available in the Canary Islands which allows us to help you make the right choice.”  M.Paz Llorente, Managing Director      


Unique Destination

Whilst most facilitators or agencies offer multiple destinations, Canary Medical Key offers the Canary Islands as a sole destination and this allows us to offer a complete and dependable service, personally assisting at your destination, taking care of every detail at every stage of your health trip. Each person is different and we work to find the best option according to the needs of each particular case.



We offer you the opportunity to get your treatment carried out in a destination whose healthcare system is considered among the top ten in the world (ranked 7th) by the World Health Organization, highlighting the outstanding level of training and modern technology.

The Canary Islands is a region that is 100% European and is located in a privileged area of the world that is between Europe, America and Africa, with a solid economy, modern infrastructure and communication network and, hence, can offer an excellent quality of life.



The Canary Islands, also known as the Fortunate Isles, were one of the first European tourist destinations. The first tourists that came to the Canaries came for health reasons, seeking the benefits of our climate, considered “the best climate in the world.”

Nowadays, the Canary Island have one of the most developed tourist industries in the world, this allowing us to offer you some of the best existing resorts and wellness centres.


In these privileged settings, Canary Medical Key offers you the necessary services to ensure the best possible recovery and a lasting improvement of quality of life. We look after all the details, before, during and after treatment: a personalised, comprehensive service to suit your exact needs.