Our new Health by the Sea programmes

The International Sea Fair 2014 (FIMAR) took place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from 4-6 April this year. A host of recreational aviation and marine companies were present at the fair and our Health Tourism company ―Canary Medical Key― exhibited its new  “Health by the Sea” programmes.

Canary Medical Key offers health experiences to people who want to improve their state of anxiety, aches and pains and have not managed to find out just how. Normally, when we feel below par, have a backache, leg pain or suffer from any chronic pain, we tend to think that the best thing to do is to lie down and rest until we feel better. However, it has been proven that the best solution for your body is the complete opposite: we need correct exercise to generate well-being and strengthen the area from where the pain originates.

Canary Medical Key’s programmes  “Health by the Sea” offer a unique experience with health solutions adapted to each person’s needs.

The key is also in the environment in which our programmes are carried out, the benefits are further boosted when by the sea on Gran Canaria’s wonderful beaches: the mineral-rich waters, the sand and the gentle sea breeze.


Physical activity in water, swimming as well as aerobics, is highly recommended because this keeps us active, strengthening our muscles and joints and, consequently, alleviating any pain. Owing to the density of salt water, our body weight is distributed differently when immersed and the lower part of the body becomes lighter, avoiding strain on our joints. There is a vast array of exercises that can be practised in water and our professionally-trained experts know how to obtain the very best benefits from the Atlantic Ocean.


The sand is far gentler on the body than concrete and makes exercising by the beach a delight, avoiding a harsh impact on our muscles and bones when our body makes contact with the surface. The objective of our programmes is to contribute towards well-being, improving health and boosting the immune and cardiovascular systems by way of exercises that involve contact with the sand. At the same time, our experts demonstrate how to take advantage of the exfoliant properties that sand has to offer.

Sea breeze

By the shore is the best place to carry out stretching exercises that help improve flexibility and relaxation exercises that relieve muscle tension and pain. We make the most of the fresh air breeze to teach how to control breathing and renew the spirit. Furthermore, our expert staff will advise on how to live a healthier lifestyle in general which will eventually mean leading a better, more enjoyable life all in all.

Find out more details about our unique revitalising programmes. Get in touch with Canary Medical Key and we will provide you with all the information on our new “Health by the Sea” programmes.

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