Reasons to choose the Canary Islands to improve your health

Are you seeking solutions abroad to improve your health?

The Canary Islands are an excellent option for various reasons, proof of which can be found in several national and international studies and reports.

The healthcare system: among the best in Europe

In 2013, a report by the European Commission titled ‘ EU Regional Competitiveness Index, RCI 2Healthcare System in the Canary Islands013 ‘ was published.  In this report, one of greatest strengths of the Canary Islands is highlighted: its healthcare system. Indeed, the Canary Islands Healthcare System is situated among the top 50 regions in the EU, to be precise it holds 36th position out of a total of 262. In this report, all the strengths and weaknesses of each of the EU regions are shown, using 80 different indicators to help identify where economic development strategies are needed.

Rated under the Canary Islands are all the regions of Finland (except Aland), France (except Île-de- France), Germany (except Stuttgart), Italy (except Trento, Liguria, Marche, Toscana and Lombardy), Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Eire, Luxemburg, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Croatia and Lithuania, amongst others.


Private and public hospitals: among the best in Spain

According to a study carried out by the IDIS Foundation (Institute for Health Development and Integration), four of the hospitals in the Canary Islands are among the best in Spain. Three of them are public and one is private, namely Hospital San Roque Maspalomas.

Furthermore, the results of a healthcare reputation survey (Monitor de Reputación Sanitaria 2015) were recently published and the findings were equally as positive: 15th position for Hospitales San Roque Las Palmas, being the best private hospital in the Canary Islands, and 36th position for Hospitales San Roque Maspalomas, resulting as the best private-state hospital in the archipelago.

Hospital San Roque Las Palmas Hospital San Roque Maspalomas

The climate: considered the best in the world

The Canary Islands enjoy an “eternal spring”: more than 300 days of sun per year, stable temperatures with the average being 22 ºC (pleasant summers and mild winters), clear skies accompanied by a fresh breeze from the trade winds. The islands are actually known as “The Fortunate Isles” and we can say that all those who choose them as their holiday destination are indeed fortunate.

Tourist destination: among the top five in Europe

Apart from the exceptional climate, the Canary Islands possess several advantages that make them one of the leading destinations in world tourism. Tourists choose the Canaries for their holidays because of the rich biodiversity, cultural heritage and for the variety leisure activities available.

If you are looking for a destination abroad where you can improve your health, the Canary Islands are ideal for combining holidays and health.

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