6 Reasons to have your Dental Treatment carried out in Spain

For quite a few years now, there has been a tendency to have dental treatment carried out during trips abroad, this being known as Dental Tourism.

Spain is one of the countries that specialises in Dental Tourism, offering excellent treatment to those who choose Spain as their dental destination. There are several reasons why people organise their dental treatment during their holidays but these are the main reasons why people decide to seek dental treatment abroad:

1. Price of dental treatment

This is the first reason why many people have their Dental Treatment carried out in Spain and, in particular, in the Canary Islands: our competitive prices. In most cases, it works out cheaper even when you include the treatment costs + trip + accommodation than in the patient’s country of origin.

2. Holidays: the ideal moment for a visit to the dentist

With our daily routine to constantly worry about, we can find it difficult to find the time to visit the dentist; consequently, organising a dental visit during our holidays can prove to be the ideal solution. Another advantage of Dental Tourism is that the dental clinics are conscious of the fact that the dental tourist needs a very precise dental treatment plan which guarantees satisfactory completion of treatment in a short period of time.

3. The quality of the Dental Treatment

Dentistry in Spain has been increasingly gaining international prestige owing to its excellent dental professionals and the level of the treatment provided. The dental clinics in Spain boast highly qualified dentists, the very latest in dental technology and offer top quality treatments. The dental tourist can count on an extensive range of treatments such as: dental aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry, periodontal evaluation, implants, crowns, plus even more complex surgical procedures.

4. State-of-the-art technology and latest Dental Treatments

Thanks to the use of the latest dental technology and equipment such as CT scanning, digital X-rays, intraoral imaging, digital modelling …, Spain is now considered to be among the top destinations for first-class dentistry. The dental clinics in our country guarantee expertise, efficiency and precision in the dental treatment they offer which obviously leads to the very best results and to the satisfaction of their patients.

5. Well-connected destination and inexpensive flights

Yet another reason why many people choose Spain for dental treatment during their holidays is that it is a very well-connected destination. Travelling is so much easier these days and this, together with the cheaper flights that are now available, has contributed to the growth of tourism in general in our country. And, every year we receive more and more tourists who are looking for dental treatment abroad.

6. Medical Tourism Facilitators

If your dental treatment abroad is organised through a Medical Tourism Facilitator such as Canary Medical Key, there are several advantages. Firstly, the facilitator knows the destination, the different dental clinics and the various alternatives that can be adjusted to precisely meet your needs. Furthermore, the facilitator will help you plan your trip by ensuring you get your appointments on the most suitable dates and will arrange your dental schedule for you.

Considering the advantages of price, quality and time … who wouldn’t catch a plane for their dental treatment? There are many dental clinics that now offer specialised services for dental tourists.

Keep in mind the possibility of dental treatment during your holiday – it is certainly a great option!

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