Keep stress at bay with a healthier lifestyle


Caught up in the hectic lifestyle that we lead, most of us don’t realise the stress that we are under.

Stress related to work comes in as the second most frequent health problem in EuropeStress in Europe and one which the European Regional office of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is addressing, placing much importance on the matter and issuing a call for action regarding stress in the workplace.


The EU-OSHA carried out a survey amongst EU workers, the results of which were published in 2013, this survey showed that half of European worker consider stress at work to be a commonplace factor in a work environment.



Long meetings at work, workplace competitiveness, the development of projects and a continuing need to meet objectives – together with bad eating habits and a lack of physical exercise – have a negative effect on employees and particularly on those with more responsibilities in a business. At the same time, employees whose jobs involve a considerable amount of air travel can suffer from vascular conditions, amongst others, owing to changes in air pressure and jetlag.

Anxiety, headaches, muscle pain and contractures, digestive complaints, sleeping disorders, hair loss, skin alterations …. If you can identify with any of these symptoms, you are probably suffering from chronic stress.

Other illnesses that affect people with chronic stress are high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Fortunately, it is normally not that difficult to keep stress at bay, you simply have to recognise your condition and then dedicate a little time to it.

A few days of rest or a holiday provide the ideal moment to disconnect, have that check-up finally carried out, relax and start a new, healthier lifestyle.

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