Gran Canara: Health Destination in Europe
Choosing the Canary Islands for a long stay is a smart choice: nice weather, the benefits from the sun and the island’s natural resources (e.g. sand, sea, fresh air) and it’s a great place to relax… Nothing should get in the way of you enjoying your stay and any health […]

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Sun, sea, fresh air and with natural resources that can be used for therapeutic use in a more than privileged setting. Gran Canaria is a unique destination for people seeking to relax and improve their health and well-being. In fact, Gran Canaria was probably one of the first destinations to […]

Gran Canaria: The Healthy Island

The Canary Islands are Europe’s No1 Tourism Destination, as shown on the 2012 report carried out by Eurostat (EC Statistical Office). This report is based on the number of overnight stays registered at hotels and other types of accommodation. The document was published at the end of the year and […]

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Medicine in Spain has held a privileged global position for a considerable number years now.  Furthermore, the Spanish Healthcare System has been ranked among the Top Ten by WHO (World Health Organization). Medical teams from different institutions, hospitals and universities have made major advances in the fight against serious diseases and have developed new […]

Medicine in Spain: at the Forefront of Medicine