Ejercicio físico, bienestar y salud en Canarias
How important is exercise once we are over fifty? The answer is extremely important! It is so easy for people of any age to fall into a sedentary lifestyle but the wealth of benefits that physical activity offers ― for both mind and body ― should be seriously taken into […]

Exercise for the Over 50s … and Under

Dental Check-ups in the Canary Islands (Spain)
Never have time for that dental check-up? Does the thought of a visit to the dentist fill you with panic? Your mouth is the window of your general state of health. Certain medical conditions can be detected by a Complete Check-up of your Oral Health, even before symptoms appear in other parts of […]

7 Main reasons why a Dental Check-up is so important

Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery Spain
Experts in obesity treatment have been observing over a period of several years now that, surprisingly, the levels of blood sugar become normalised in some obese patients after having gone through a bariatric surgery procedure. In a recent study on patients with type-2 diabetes, remissions of up to 15 years after surgery were observed in […]

Could Bariatric Surgery be a cure for Diabetes?

Dental Services in the Canary Islands
The link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular conditions has been much researched over the years in an attempt to finally confirm whether poor oral health effectively causes heart disease.   A clinical trial called STABILITY was recently carried out on 15,828 participants from 9 different countries, all with chronic coronary heart disease and, at least, […]

Look after your teeth … and protect your heart