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Advances in Medical Treatment in the Canary Islands
Advances in Medical Treatment in the Canary Islands Latest Medical News:  “Fracture prevention in osteoporosis” With life expectancy on the rise in Europe and the continuing ageing of the population, fractures due to osteoporosis will become one of the main health problems in our society. In view of this, the […]

Advances in Medical Treatment – September 2015 (I)

Dental hygiene and oral health in Spain
Oral hygiene is very important for our health in general, as poor oral hygiene can result in dental and medical problems such as halitosis, gingivitis, tooth loss and diabetes. Furthermore, it is now known that there are other not so well-known consequences of prolonged poor dental hygiene that can lead […]

Serious Health problems related to poor dental hygiene

Dental Services in the Canary Islands
The link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular conditions has been much researched over the years in an attempt to finally confirm whether poor oral health effectively causes heart disease.   A clinical trial called STABILITY was recently carried out on 15,828 participants from 9 different countries, all with chronic coronary heart disease and, at least, […]

Look after your teeth … and protect your heart

Servicios médicos y de salud en Canarias
We spend a great part of life planning and investing time and money on a multitude of things. We plan our time, our studies, our work, number of children, the type of house in which we want to live, our holidays, our birthdays and celebrations, our expenses, our savings, our […]

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Stress - Health and Prevention
Immersed in a hectic way of life, most of us are unconscious of the amount of stress we are actually under and how it is affecting our health. Stress is the second most frequently reported work-related health problem in Europe and the World Health Organization is making it one of […]

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