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Turismo de Salud en España. Canarias
The Canary Islands, chosen as a health destination by many tourists SpainCares recently carried out an analysis of Health Tourism in Spain, in which the Canary Islands was shown to hold second place – just below Catalonia –  regarding the number of health tourists they welcome every year. Let us […]

Health Tourism in Spain – The Canary Islands: 2nd Health ...

Turismo Médico Seguro
If you are thinking about travelling abroad to improve your health, your first questions may be how safe Medical Tourism is Medical Tourism or Health Tourism are terms used to describe when a person travels to another country or even region within their own country to look for medical, dental, […]

Is Medical Tourism safe?

Turismo de Salud en España
  Once again, this year we have been able to enjoy a visit to Fitur, one of the most important international tourism fairs in the world. This the second year that a particular focus has been placed on tourism related to health and wellness, namely Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism. […]

Fitur Salud: promoting Health Tourism in Spain 

When we start looking for medical treatment or health solutions abroad, we come across various obstacles that can complicate decision making.  For this reason, it’s important to know that there are specialised agents who can help you organise this type of trip (Medical Tourism Facilitators), such as Canary Medical Key, […]

Organising your health trip to the Canary Islands

Dental and Medical Services in Spain
Are you among those many people who choose the Canary Islands as your holiday destination again and again? It is a wonderful place to relax and unwind and, furthermore, an excellent place for improving one’s health. In fact, people have been coming to the islands since the 17th century for […]

Use your holiday to get your health back on track

Medical and Health Tourism Trends 2015
People have been talking about Medical and Health Tourism for a few years now and the two main factors that have prompted discussion on this topic have been: the ageing of the population and stress. However, the trends in 2015 are telling us that this type of tourism is diversifying […]

Medical and Health Tourism: 2015 Trends

Health Tourism and Spa Treatments Spain
The Spanish publication “Diario Médico” recently published an article that questioned the link between Health Tourism and Spa Treatments. On the one hand, it points out that Spanish health spas want their treatments to be included as one of the therapies routinely offered by the Spanish national health system. However, it appears that this aspiration […]

Health Tourism and Spa Treatments

Interview on Health Tourism in the Canary Islands
We are now going to welcome Mª Paz Llorente Sanchez. Good morning! So, can you tell us a little bit about just what Canary Medical Key is? It’s a company that offers intermediary and other services for Medical Tourism. We are endeavouring to attract tourists to the Canary Islands to recuperate or improve […]

Interview on Health Tourism at Redepyme Event

Have you ever thought of planning a dental tourism trip? Yes “dental tourism” when you combine a holiday with a trip to the dentist.  A clear example of an industry that is in constant growth: Medical and Health Tourism. The training and experience of Spanish dentists, together with state-of-the-art technology […]

The Canary Islands go for Dental Tourism

Medical and Health Tourism Conference on Gran Canaria
Interview with Cristina Cardona – Medical Tourism Association (MTA) – in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria What are your thoughts on the 1st Medical Tourism Conference in Gran Canaria? This first conference on medical tourism in the island will have encouraged people to analyse the potential growth that this sector […]

Cristina Cardona (MTA) in Gran Canaria