Medical Check-ups that everyone should have carried out
Medical check-ups are very important as they help to detect conditions that have yet to produce symptoms and, in some cases, can even prevent the onset of an illness. There are different types of medical check-ups. How often they should be carried out and the specific tests necessary depend on […]

Three medical check-ups that everyone should have carried out

Chequeos médicos y revisiones en Las Palmas
The ageing population –  which is a consequence of increased life expectancy – has brought about a rise in chronic diseases and other medical conditions. We know that a great number of illnesses can be prevented, the onset delayed or the prognosis improved, simply by patients following a healthy lifestyle […]

The demand for check-ups and medical examinations is on the ...

Healthcare in the Canary Islands
Are you seeking solutions abroad to improve your health? The Canary Islands are an excellent option for various reasons, proof of which can be found in several national and international studies and reports. The healthcare system: among the best in Europe In 2013, a report by the European Commission titled […]

Reasons to choose the Canary Islands to improve your health

Health in Spain is extremely good
The World Health Organization (WHO) ranked health in Spain as “extremely good” in a European Health Report, involving 53 member states in the WHO European region, which was presented in London. Life expectancy – Health in Spain The report highlighted that life expectancy in Spain was 79.5 for men and […]

Health in Spain considered to be “extremely good”

Dental hygiene and oral health in Spain
Oral hygiene is very important for our health in general, as poor oral hygiene can result in dental and medical problems such as halitosis, gingivitis, tooth loss and diabetes. Furthermore, it is now known that there are other not so well-known consequences of prolonged poor dental hygiene that can lead […]

Serious Health problems related to poor dental hygiene

Ejercicio físico, bienestar y salud en Canarias
How important is exercise once we are over fifty? The answer is extremely important! It is so easy for people of any age to fall into a sedentary lifestyle but the wealth of benefits that physical activity offers ― for both mind and body ― should be seriously taken into […]

Exercise for the Over 50s … and Under

Dental and Medical Services in Spain
Are you among those many people who choose the Canary Islands as your holiday destination again and again? It is a wonderful place to relax and unwind and, furthermore, an excellent place for improving one’s health. In fact, people have been coming to the islands since the 17th century for […]

Use your holiday to get your health back on track

Gran Canara: Health Destination in Europe
Choosing the Canary Islands for a long stay is a smart choice: nice weather, the benefits from the sun and the island’s natural resources (e.g. sand, sea, fresh air) and it’s a great place to relax… Nothing should get in the way of you enjoying your stay and any health […]

Trustworthy solutions to your health problems

Medical and Health Tourism Trends 2015
People have been talking about Medical and Health Tourism for a few years now and the two main factors that have prompted discussion on this topic have been: the ageing of the population and stress. However, the trends in 2015 are telling us that this type of tourism is diversifying […]

Medical and Health Tourism: 2015 Trends

Dental Check-ups in the Canary Islands (Spain)
Never have time for that dental check-up? Does the thought of a visit to the dentist fill you with panic? Your mouth is the window of your general state of health. Certain medical conditions can be detected by a Complete Check-up of your Oral Health, even before symptoms appear in other parts of […]

7 Main reasons why a Dental Check-up is so important