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Healthcare in the Canary Islands
Are you seeking solutions abroad to improve your health? The Canary Islands are an excellent option for various reasons, proof of which can be found in several national and international studies and reports. The healthcare system: among the best in Europe In 2013, a report by the European Commission titled […]

Reasons to choose the Canary Islands to improve your health

Gran Canara: Health Destination in Europe
Choosing the Canary Islands for a long stay is a smart choice: nice weather, the benefits from the sun and the island’s natural resources (e.g. sand, sea, fresh air) and it’s a great place to relax… Nothing should get in the way of you enjoying your stay and any health […]

Trustworthy solutions to your health problems

Medical Tourism Destination Spain
Apart from the obvious consideration of the expertise of the medical staff who would be treating you, along with the standard of the hospital or clinic, there are quite a few other things to consider when choosing your medical tourism destination, such as:- How safe a destination is. Level of nosocomial infections in the hospitals of your chosen destination (hospitals […]

Choosing a medical tourism destination

Medical Tourism Conference on Gran Canaria
Canary Medical Key will be holding its 2014 Medical Tourism Conference at Las Palmas Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, 19th June at 4.30 p.m. The objective of this conference is to bring together the medical and tourism sectors to highlight the opportunities that Medical Tourism offer the Canary Islands, bearing […]

Medical Tourism: Opportunities and Challenges

Stress in Europe
On 25th October 2013 a new EU law was introduced regarding Patients’ Rights in Cross-Border Healthcare. Currently, the majority of EU citizens are unaware of their rights to healthcare within the European Union. Up until now EU citizens who were temporarily outside their home country and in need of healthcare […]

European Rights in Cross-Border Healthcare