Medical and Health Tourism Trends 2015
People have been talking about Medical and Health Tourism for a few years now and the two main factors that have prompted discussion on this topic have been: the ageing of the population and stress. However, the trends in 2015 are telling us that this type of tourism is diversifying […]

Medical and Health Tourism: 2015 Trends

Sun, sea, fresh air and with natural resources that can be used for therapeutic use in a more than privileged setting. Gran Canaria is a unique destination for people seeking to relax and improve their health and well-being. In fact, Gran Canaria was probably one of the first destinations to […]

Gran Canaria: The Healthy Island

Benefits of Massage for Stress (Gran Canaria)
Nowadays, massage therapy is becoming more and more popular. Why? Is it true that it is beneficial for a wide range of health conditions? In this article, we are going to talk specifically about the benefits of massage therapy on stress, which is currently one of the most troubling afflictions […]

The Benefits of Massage for Stress

The Canary Islands are a dreamplace to recover from any kind of ailment. The coastline is nearly 1,600km long, including 265km of sandy bays, stone beaches and amazing coves. We can find unique flora and fauna at the bottom of the volcanic sea. Canarian port infrastructures offer quality services and facilities. The archipelago’s volcanic orography is […]

The Canary Islands, a dreamplace… enjoy it!