Health Tourism and Spa Treatments Spain
The Spanish publication “Diario Médico” recently published an article that questioned the link between Health Tourism and Spa Treatments. On the one hand, it points out that Spanish health spas want their treatments to be included as one of the therapies routinely offered by the Spanish national health system. However, it appears that this aspiration […]

Health Tourism and Spa Treatments

Health Tourism Spain (the Canary Islands)
We have been hearing and reading about Medical Tourism or Health Tourism for a while now, and it is becoming more and more common. There are different points of view about Medical Tourism. Some people think that having an operation or treatment in a exotic foreign country is very brave. Others […]

Medical Tourism: Is it a new alternative?

Medicine in Spain has held a privileged global position for a considerable number years now.  Furthermore, the Spanish Healthcare System has been ranked among the Top Ten by WHO (World Health Organization). Medical teams from different institutions, hospitals and universities have made major advances in the fight against serious diseases and have developed new […]

Medicine in Spain: at the Forefront of Medicine