Advances in Medical Treatment in the Canary Islands
Advances in Medical Treatment in the Canary Islands Latest Medical News:  “Fracture prevention in osteoporosis” With life expectancy on the rise in Europe and the continuing ageing of the population, fractures due to osteoporosis will become one of the main health problems in our society. In view of this, the […]

Advances in Medical Treatment – September 2015 (I)

Ejercicio físico, bienestar y salud en Canarias
How important is exercise once we are over fifty? The answer is extremely important! It is so easy for people of any age to fall into a sedentary lifestyle but the wealth of benefits that physical activity offers ― for both mind and body ― should be seriously taken into […]

Exercise for the Over 50s … and Under

Sun, sea, fresh air and with natural resources that can be used for therapeutic use in a more than privileged setting. Gran Canaria is a unique destination for people seeking to relax and improve their health and well-being. In fact, Gran Canaria was probably one of the first destinations to […]

Gran Canaria: The Healthy Island

Benefits of the sand in the Canary Islands
The Canary Islands are well known for their wonderful climate and for the beaches that bless their coastlines. But what exactly is it that brings tourists back to the “islands of sun and sands” time and time again?  Do you know the benefits that you can take back with you […]

Walking barefoot in the Canary Islands