Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Canary Medical Key facilitation services. Our aim is to provide top quality services to our clients, supplying information, offering advice and guaranteeing the best specialists and medical/healthcare centres for their treatment. Your trip will be organised with care and precision and we will assist you through the whole process.

These terms and conditions explain the agreement the Client enters into with Canary Medical Key and its Providers. This document gives the Client a clear overview of the whole process when choosing the Canary Islands as a destination for Medical Tourism.

Canary Medical Key’s role is to act as intermediary between the Client and the Providers (the Providers being: medical providers, transport, accommodation and other services related to the Client’s stay). The Client must be aware of and in agreement with all the details of the procedure(s) and, if there is any aspect that is unclear, the Client should clarify it with Canary Medical Key before signing any agreement.


Information/Documents required

Initially, the Client will be required to fill in a simple on-line form with their personal details, stating the type of treatment/surgery they require. Canary Medical Key will then contact the Client regarding the enquiry and further information (plus medical records in certain cases) will be requested in order to present it to the Medical Provider for evaluation. It is fundamental that the Client provides full and precise information at that point to enable Canary Medical Key and the Providers to give the best service possible. The lack of information and/or incorrect information may result in delays, a less effective service, the impossibility to provide the selected service or even risks and complications for the Client.

The Client is responsible for any specific documents that may be required for their journey: valid passport, visa (in the case of non-Europeans1) and travel insurance. Should the Client be unable to travel due to negligence on their part, Canary Medical Key will not be held responsible for any costs whatsoever (see “Alterations and Cancellations” section).

Confidentiality and Data Protection 

In order for Canary Medical Key to provide the Client with detailed information and a quote regarding the selected procedure, the Client’s information will be shared with the Provider/s (the Client already having authorised Canary Medical Key to do so). Canary Medical Key has a stringent policy regarding confidentiality and privacy which is also followed by its Providers, complying with the European and Spanish data protection laws (see “Privacy Policy” on our website: Privacy Policy).


Travel and Medical Complications Insurance

Travel insurance for any trip is always recommended by the World Health Organization and the World Tourism Organization for all travellers.

In the case of medical travellers, a medical complications policy is strongly recommended. The Client should be aware of the fact that there are always risks involved in any type of surgery (whether at home or abroad) and, therefore, medical complications insurance is advisable when considering any type of treatment.

The Client can contact their own insurance provider for such policies or, alternatively, ask Canary Medical Key for prices.


Alterations and Cancellations

The alteration or cancellation of any of the services arranged through Canary Medical Key must be requested by the Client in writing via email or fax, and the Client will be responsible for any costs originated by such alterations or cancellations. Canary Medical Key’s fees for services rendered are not refundable.

The Client should also be aware of the fact that each Service Provider (medical, accommodation and others) has its own alteration and cancellation policy and, therefore, Canary Medical Key has no control over the eventual fees that might be charged by them.

In the unusual event of any delays on the part of the Provider or, indeed, the Provider being unable to fulfil the selected service/treatment, Canary Medical Key will give all the assistance possible in order to try and solve the issue but will not be held responsible for the situation, nor for any of the costs incurred. Canary Medical Key, as a medical tourism facilitator, acts solely as an intermediary service between the Client and the Medical Providers and, therefore, accepts no responsibility, nor will be expected to assume any costs arising from circumstances caused by force of nature or, indeed, any other circumstances beyond their control.



Once the Client decides to enter into a contract with Canary Medical Key and the agreement has been signed, a 30% deposit of the quote must be paid within a period of 5 days for the contract to remain valid. The remaining 70% should be paid at least 15 days prior to the Client’s arrival. All quotes and payments will be in Euros.

The payment of the treatment selected by the Client will be paid directly to the Medical Provider upon arrival at the Clinic/Medical Centre.

The Client should be aware of the fact that the value of the quote initially approved may, in exceptional cases, suffer alterations and be modified after the first evaluation and mandatory consultation with the doctor who will be performing the procedure. Any alteration will be fully explained and justified to the Client, who must agree and approve the additional costs, before any procedure is performed.

The Client assumes responsibility to pay extra medical expenses related to any unforeseen and additional treatment intended for his/her safety and health during the medical procedure or in the postoperative period. Canary Medical Key has no involvement or responsibility in such cases.



By signing the contract, the Client agrees to accept responsibility for their choice of doctor, medical personnel, healthcare providers or medical procedures and the decision to undergo the chosen treatment.

The Client is aware that surgery can involve risk and, in the case of cosmetic surgery, possible dissatisfaction with the final result, in either case Canary Medical Key will not be held responsible in any way for medical procedure disputes.

The Client is aware of the fact that Canary Medical Key acts solely as an intermediary service between the Client and the Medical Providers. Our liability is limited to a duty of proficient care in our capacity as a third party facilitator, governed by Canarian and Spanish law.