Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Medicine

Aesthetic, or cosmetic, treatment is clearly different to Plastic Surgery. The aim of cosmetic treatment is to carry out health and beauty procedures that restore, enhance, change or simply maintain one's appearance.  There is no major surgery or general anaesthesia involved, unlike Plastic Surgery which normally requires the hospitalisation of the patient as well.

Nowadays, aspects such as the variation of medical specialities involved in patients' aesthetic conditions, the increasing complexity of the related techniques, together with possible legal issues, require that these procedures be carried out by qualified medical staff.

The main objective of these techniques is to practise authentic Preventative Medicine, as a good physical appearance is always beneficial for the patient and greatly helps to boost self-esteem, contributing towards their well-being and, hence, health in general.

There are several aesthetic medicine procedures that can be adapted to the needs of each patient. In order to obtain information on these procedures, click on the following links: