Executive or Sports Health Check

Do you have a lot of work, are you under a lot of stress, do you regularly or sometimes practise sport, are you a little overweight or not sleeping enough? Have you ever thought you might need a check-up?

Indeed, apart from those persons with hereditary or known risk factors, such as cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension or being overweight, people like you - including those who practise sport - should have an annual cardiac check-up.

Your heart is the most important organ in your body, therefore, it needs special attention. A cardiac check-up determines the state of your heart and circulatory system.

Where better to arrange your check-up but in the Canary Islands whilst enjoying a well-deserved, relaxing rest?

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General Check-ups

How long have you been telling yourself that you should have a check-up and just cannot seem to find the time for it?

Why not make the most of a marvellous holiday in the Canary Islands to solve all thosehealth matters that have been concerning you for a while now?

CANARY MEDICAL KEY can arrange a customised check-up to take place during your stay, as well as ensuring a truly relaxing and unforgettable holiday. Contact us for advice on the best medical professionals and clinics in the Canary Islands.

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