Corallium Spa

The Corallium Spa at the Costa Meloneras Resort, situated in the south of Gran Canaria, is one of the most modern, complete and exclusive Wellness and Beauty centres in Europe.

It boasts an area of more than 3500 square metres in which one can enjoy a unique hydrothermal experience in surroundings inspired by the island's volcanic scenery.


A World of Sensations


The Spa uses natural water at a range of different temperatures, alternating hot and cold zones in order to improve muscle funtion and favour the activation of the vascular system.  The "Spa Experience" circuit is designed to stimulate the innate capacity of human beings to recuperate equilibrium and a state of well-being, both physically and emotionally.

The temperatures vary from 4ºC in the Ice World, increasing to 35ºC in the Floatation Pool, 45ºC in steam baths and up to 90ºC in the saunas. Whilst roaming around the circuit, you can experience the sensation of travelling through Egypt to the wider Arab world and from the Tropics to as far away as the Himalayan mountains and the North Pole.More information on Treatment Abroad


Thalasso Corallium

The Thalasso Corallium at the Villa del Conde resort in the south of Gran Canaria is an exclusive Wellness centre, designed specially for enjoying all the benefits that sea water can give. It boasts modern installations, pleasant garden areas and wide, open spaces looking out over the Atlantic ocean.  This centre is well known for its exclusive and personalised service, plus exquisite touches of luxury.

The Thalasso journey can be defined as a circuit of aquatic and sensorial experiences, starting with hydrotherapy in the vitality pool, followed by moisturising oil showers, the warm zones of aromatic steam baths and saunas, then the contrasting cool ice experience and Kneipp pool, finishing off in the flotation pool reminiscent of the Dead Sea. More information on Treatment Abroad

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