Zirconia Implants – the latest in Dental Tourism

One of the most important advances in Dentistry has unquestionably been the use of zirconium in the field of implantology.

A frequent cosmetic difficulty with implants has been when they form part of a person’s smile line and are, therefore, visible to all; more often than not, a black line eventually appears along the gum which looks very unattractive.black line dental implants This can cause the patient to change their way of smiling or their facial expressions and can even start to affect some people psychologically.

For several years, experimental research has been carried out using different types of material (porcelain, sapphire, …) in order to find an answer to this problem. Some materials failed the test due to the fact that they were not biocompatible; and others because they didn’t manage to avoid the accumulation of bacteria in between the different layers of which they are formed.

The success of the implants used nowadays, after much research and testing, is due to a particularly hard and resistant material, zirconium, which very rarely suffers a fracture of any type. Added to this, its biocompatibility helps ensure the long-term success of an implant by aiding osseointegration and avoiding the risk of allergic reactions to metal. Furthermore, its strength and resistance is ideal for both the front and back teeth, being able to easily withstand biting pressure in either area.

Another advantage is that zirconia implants allow light to pass through as a normal tooth would – unlike other metals that block the light – resulting in a more natural look. In addition, zirconium does not corrode and, therefore, that black gum line that eventually appears when other types of materials are used will not happen.

There are no doubts about the advantages of zirconia implants – a true breakthrough in the history of dentistry.

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